Taking action against vicious animals

By: Teddy Safo Email
By: Teddy Safo Email

TISHOMINGO, Okla. -- After another pit bull attack in Tishomingo, officials are taking action by strengthening a city ordinance.

It’s a problem Tishomingo animal control officer Larissa Pittman is well aware of.

"We’ve had an increase of vicious animals coming into the city."

Those vicious animals have created some dangerous situations. A Tishomingo boy was mauled by a pit bull a few weeks ago, and on Monday Pittman herself was attacked by a pit bull when she was trying to feed the animal.

"I called her away from her food and when I called away I started petting her once again. She was just fine. Then it snapped and attacked me," Pittman said.

The dog was euthanized, but Larissa Pittman was left with a puncture wound and bruising on her upper torso.

Tishomingo officials say they have amended section 10-8 of the city ordinance to prevent future attacks within the city limits.

"this past Monday night, they revised the existing vicious animal ordinance to include any animal that would be threatening to a human,” said Tishomingo city attorney Dustin Rowe.

The change to the ordinance would deem any animal vicious if it threatens a human without being provoked.

"Ultimately when an animal attacks someone it’s too late so this takes out the provision the animal must attack before it’s deemed vicious," Rowe said.

The ordinance change is not breed or species specific. It applies to any animal.

City leaders say they hope these changes will help people in Tishomingo feel safer.

"Hopefully it will prevent attacks on children mail carriers," Rowe said.

"Anytime you live in a city there will be children and elderly walking the street, and it just takes one time for an animal to get loose and get them," said Pittman.

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  • by KT Location: Kingston on Aug 18, 2007 at 09:05 PM
    KAREN>>>>> Found on the search engine you like to talk about, but apparently dont know how to use! From the search engine known as google.: These caveats notwithstanding, a CDC study detailing dog bite related fatalities in the US between 1979 and 1998 reveals that roughly one-third were caused by Pit Bull type dogs. The highest number of attacks (118) were by Pit Bull type dogs Gosh they were everywhere I looked. Hope you didnt strain your eyes too much. From 1979 through 1998, at least 25 breeds of dogs have been involved in 238 human dog bite related deaths. Pit Bulls were involved in more than 50 percent of these deaths. You must not have tried too hard in VAIN>>> Its called GOOGLE>>>> and no, my mother lives in West Virgina, but thanks for the concern. To proud mommy, dachshunds are awesome. My sister has 2 and they are the most wonderful dogs with her grandchildren I have ever seen! I think I may purchase one soon, do you know any good breeders?
  • by KAREN Location: OKLAHOMA on Aug 14, 2007 at 12:24 PM
    KT, your mother must not live close, I didn't see your claim on any of the local channels. I have tried, in vain, to look up where ANY dog causes 62% of DEATHS from bites. Did you know your dog is on a "Banned Breed List"? Check it out... http://www.dogpolitics.com/my_weblog/2007/05/are_you_funding.html. I have a Dashshund (also a boxer and a beagle),you are right Tish Mommy, Dashshunds can be great dogs- raised correctly any dog can be. "I" am not attacking any one kind of dog. I do feel that once someone thinks all the Pit bulls (or any specific breed) are removed from the face of this earth, then who knows - Bull Terriers could be next, and that would not be right either. karensopinion@gmail.com
  • by Proud Mommy Location: Tishomingo on Aug 14, 2007 at 11:42 AM
    Thank U for the comments they were great... I am a Dachshund owner and I have a small child I would never feel threatned by my dog or anyone elses dachshund.... She is an awsome dog... She dosent know she is a dog she's part of MY FAMILY. Heres some need to know stuff on the 2 dogs. Temperament The Dachshund is clever, lively and courageous to the point of rashness, persevering in above- and below-ground work, with all the senses well-developed. Any display of shyness is a serious fault. Please go to www.americancaninefoudationlaw.com for mor info on pits and Rottweilers...
  • by KT Location: Kingston on Aug 13, 2007 at 10:38 AM
    Karen.. Speaking of Search engines, google and the like, that is where the statistics came from about the "Pit Bull" related deaths. LOOK IT UP !!! As far as the type of people that own Pit Bulls, if it walks like a duck,looks like a duck, ect. ect.. I have Bull Terriers. You know, the spuds and Target dog. Not what you expected, is it? There is no "Claiming" to be a nurse. I am, and have seen the horrific things a Pit can do. Oh, and by the way, my mother's Lab was attacked on her porch yesterday while trying to save my step dad from a Pit Bull, who came in their yard and tried to attack him. Thank god for Bo being there, or we could probably add another death to the ever growing list from Pits. The lab is now missing his ear from that beast of a dog, but he is alive as is my step dad. and last week my aunt was stood off of her porch by a Pit, luckily the cops came and he tried to bite them, Blown away it was! Yea! 1 less to worry about!!!
  • by Beatrice Location: Sulphur on Aug 12, 2007 at 09:18 PM
    Beatrice in Sulphur (and others)- please Google (or use your favorite search engine) "pit bull". This is a generic term, like shepard, hound, terrier. I once thought a pit bull – was a pit bull. Then I was shown a really good article. Being the skeptic I am; I did a little research on my own. Have you ever notice how most German Shepards look basically alike - ditto for a boston terrier. I never thought of the term Terrier as having over 50 breeds. I also never thought I’d see Boston Terrier on a banned breed list, but like pit bulls, German Shepards, and the lowly Pug – it is in some cities, according to “Responsible Dog Owners Of The Western States “. Also - maybe the mealy worms your Sugar Glider is eating has fermented! karensopinion@gmail.com
  • by KAREN Location: OKLAHOMA on Aug 12, 2007 at 08:31 PM
    KT - how sad/petty (of anyone), turning to name calling when someone doesn't agree with you-remember, you aren't agreeing with me, I won't be calling names. Still yet - you show no proof of you so-called facts. Since you can name the dog to the type of owner. What kind of dog do you have? I never said pits (or larger dogs) take the prize for most deaths due to bites. I said their bites would be more sever due to their shear size. It is important to read the true statement before replying. Mis-spelling is just that - misspelling, misquoting on the other hand can cause nasty rumors. To help your pit-phobia here's a little articale you should be familiar with - since you claim to be a nurse, it is easiliy googled! There is "no measure to determine which breeds are more likely to bite or kill," according to a news release issued last May by the CDC during National Dog Bite Prevention Week.
  • by kat Location: oklahoma on Aug 10, 2007 at 09:18 PM
    to tom i WOULD NOT be bragging about dropping of poor strays !!!you need to take them to a shelter where HOPEFULLY they will find food water &compassion !!! and maybe a home YOU SHOULD be ASHAMED!!!!!
  • by KT Location: Kingston on Aug 10, 2007 at 04:09 PM
    Karen~ Yes all dog bites are reported, they must be because of the rabies factor and all other diseases. I know this from being a nurse and reporting them myself while working ER>. Dont worry, Someone isnt picking on Pits, and not reporting the bites of all the others breeds just to make the Pits look bad. So, to answer your question, Pits still take the prize for most deaths due to dog bites, With a whopping 62 %.. And your welcome on the spelling tip, hate to see anyone look like an idiot for all the world to see!! By the way, have you ever noticed what kind of people own Pit Bulls? WHITE TRASH !!!
  • by Confused Location: Johnston County, OK on Aug 10, 2007 at 09:39 AM
    Someone doesn't have the story straight or it's not being told the same. Exactly what was the "officer" doing when the dog attacked? Petting it, feeding it or tightening it's collar? If the people abandoned the dogs at that house why was she leaving them there? That's just asking for trouble. Sounds like maybe the "officer" doesn't follow procedures well. And is this the same "officer" that put the pit bull back in the fence next to a day care place a couple of weeks ago? Maybe she was a friend of this dog's owner too. Makes you wonder?
  • by KAREN Location: OKLAHOMA on Aug 10, 2007 at 09:38 AM
    KT, thank you for correcting my spelling. I am proud to live in THE U.S. Every American has the right to their opinion! By shear size, pits (and larger dogs) will loose the "bite-meter" test every time. To say you are only afraid of pits, it seems to me, makes you’re biased to the breed, not the individual dog. I have seen what larger dogs can do. Our renter’s lab attacked a little girl. The dogs bite took out most of the muscle on the back of her leg. Her leg will never look the same. It was horrible. The attack was never in the local paper or on the news. When the chihuahua bit my daughter & the deputies had to track the dog down (this took over a week), that was never on the news or in the paper. Neither was it publicized when I was bitten by the dachshund. Both times I paid the Dr. & hosp bill. My point - “pit bull” attacks are more sensational to read, again my opinion. Also, I don’t know that all dog bites are reported. Hospitals should to do this, no matter the severity.
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