Disabled vet assaulted in Coal County

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COALGATE OK--A Coal County Man attacked on his own property by trespassers is speaking out, about how the attack has affected him and his family

58 year old Chris Laws has had his fair share of hard times, a military career in the Special Forces, cut short by an injury. It was one of those hard times that brought Chris and his wife Ruth to Coal County.

"She got cancer so we moved closer to TMC and we looked and looked and finally found this place and it was perfect," said Laws.

Hard times came to Chris Laws again in January, when he says two men on horseback approached his home one Saturday evening in January.

"They stopped over here by my RV and I said you just need to turn back and go back the way you came, and they just started cursing me," said Laws.

Laws says he called the Sheriff's office, and was waiting in his pickup at the end of his driveway, when one of the men approached and attacked him.

"He hit me several times and he bit me right here," said Laws.

He suffered a broken ocular bone, a loss of vision in his left eye, and worse.

"The next morning I was having chest pains so they took me to the VA hospital and I had a heart attack in the waiting room," said Laws.

Laws spent 5 days in the hospital and has had to return for treatment many times since.

The man who allegedly attacked Laws was not arrested at the time, but a statement released by the District Attorney’s office says quote, "aggravated assault and battery is the appropriate charge in the instance" and that the DA's office is hoping to file felony charges against Law's attacker by the end of the week.

While a felony charge brings with it the potential for a prison sentence, Chris Laws says he wants more than that.

"We would like him to do community service with disabled veterans groups, so he can understand,” said Laws.