Cowboys for CASA

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The floods of 2007 damaged countless homes and business in Gainesville, including the headquarters for the Court Appointed Special Advocates of North Texas.

They lost everything in the rising waters and hope any money raised through Saturday’s Cowboys for Casa Fundraiser will help them get back on the right track.

A picture worth a thousand words. Photographs show the devastation mother nature left behind at the CASA of north Texas building in Gainesville. Vicki Robertson says, “This was our reception area, we were so proud to be in this building.”

The June 18th flooding ruined everything from the walls to the flooring. “This was straight at one time, the flood waters knocked them over and I think both were really pretty shaky. They were just flowing so hard that they couldn't withstand the pressure."

Vicki Robertson is the director of the North Texas chapter of CASA and says all in all, the floods caused around $40,000 dollars worth of damages. Forcing the group to move from their normal home to the back of the Gainesville title building and they are making due with what they have. “I’m pretty much an optimist and I thought, oh things will be ok, but even optimists are disappointed. Sometimes and this is definitely one of those times.”

Robertson says volunteers have been working around the clock to try and make sure their miss-fortunes aren't getting in the way of their goal. To help families and children get through tough times of their own. “They've got their finger on their pulses because they have the time to sit down and talk to the kids. They can get to know the situation and what the kids are going to need.”

This weekend, the group held their fundraiser Cowboys for CASA. Robertson says they hope to double the money they raised last year, which would be around $20,000 dollars.
Because right now, a little bit will go along way. “We just want to raise some money.”

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