911 call obtained, Madill father charged in son's death

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MADILL, OK-- A Madill father arrested for murder claims he had nothing to do with his infant son's death. 22-year-old Joshua Irvine has been charged with second degree murder in the death of his 4 month old son. He was arrested shortly after being questioned about the baby's injuries which included head trauma.

The following is the 911 call Irvine made in which he informed law enforcement his son was unresponsive, not breathing, and without a pulse.

Dispatch : "911?"

Irvine: "Please help me, my son isn't breathing."

Dispatch: "Where's he at?"

Irvine: "Madill, Oklahoma."

(address withheld, per family request)

Irvine: "Please hurry."

Dispatch: "How old's your son?"

Irvine: "He's only 4 months old."

Dispatch: "How long has he been not breathing?"

Irvine: "I don't know I just went in to check on him, and he's not breathing."

Dispatch: "Is he still natural color, or is he turning colors?"

Irvine: "No, he's, he's purple, he's not breathing."

Dispatch: "What is your name?

Irvine: "I'm Joshua Irvine, I'm his father."

Just a few minutes later, when first responders arrived on the scene Irvine again states he does not know how long his son's been unresponsive.

First Responder: "Hello?"

Irvine: "Yeah I'm right here, I looked for a pulse and I felt nothing."

First Responder: "How long's he been like this?"

Irvine: "I don't know, I just went in there and checked on him, I laid him down about 30 minutes ago, I went to go change his diaper."

Dispatch: "Has he fallen or anything?"

Irvine: "No."

Irvine entered an initial plea of not guilty. He's being held on a $750,000 dollar bond. He will appear in court for a status hearing August 30th.