911 call centers receive new equipment

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TEXOMA - If you look closely at your phone bill you'll see a fifty cent charge every month for 911. That money goes back to the region, funding emergency response efforts. News 12's Daniella Rivera takes a look at improvements being made today at Fannin County's emergency call center.

In an emergency., a 911 dispatcher is your first point of contact for getting help--and they need the tools to get information as quickly as possible, when seconds count.

In a program facilitated by Texoma's Council of Governments, six area agencies are receiving new equipment for their emergency call centers.

"We make sure that we're constantly improving your 911 services," said Grayson County Emergency Management Coordinator Sarah Somers.

The Grayson County Office of Emergency Management is one of those six, along with the Bonham, Gainesville, and Whitesboro Police Departments, as well as the Cooke County Sheriff's Office, and the Fannin County Sheriff's Office, which got their new equipment installed Wednesday.

"It's going to increase our response time because the quicker we get the most updated information the quicker we can get it to our deputies and it will keep them safe," said Lisa Williams, the communications supervisor at the Fannin County Sheriff's Office.

Williams says she's most excited about the new mapping technology, "like a google earth type of display as opposed to just graphics which kind of helps when we're looking at properties and trying to direct the deputies."

TCOG is not releasing much information on the new equipment at this time, but says it's already been installed at three of the six emergency call centers.

"Grayson County Emergency Communications and 911 is very excited. We feel some of the improvements are long over due and we want to be able to do the best job possible," said Somers.

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