Grayson Co. commissioners discuss budget

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GRAYSON COUNTY - Grayson County commissioners have discussed the upcoming budget for over a week, and with projects like a new jail and developments to the airport on the horizon, the discussion hasn't been easy.

"You hate to tell people no, but if you dont have it you dont have it," commissioner Jackie Crisp said.

He said the budget has to get done, even if it's not everyone's favorite time of year.

"We've been working eight to ten hours hour a day to try and trim the budget back so we can save another means."

Crisp said the county was over budget by $4,000,000 prior to the week-long discussions, but since then, they're now over by $1,000,000.

Part of the reason for such a high dollar amount over budget is because of a new computer system to link the different offices within the justice center, he said. The system tracks prisoners from the minute they are arrested to the minute they are sentenced.

Crisp said other offices are still asking for more money.

"We've had some people wanting 20-30 percent raises which they are not going to get theres no way to give it to them we dont have the money," he said. "Nobody's going to decrease but we're trying to keep it a little more than it was last year but we're not going to give any extra, theres not going to be any extra thrills no new equipment no more money no more raises no more new people."

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