Skydiver Passes Out During Dive

8-8-04- A routine skydive almost turned deadly for a local skydiver who passed out 100 feet in the air Sunday morning. It happened at Skydive Dallas near Whitewright, when the man blacked out in the middle of his dive.

The man hit the ground traveling approximately 30 miles per hour. He was medi-flighted to Parkland Hospital in Dallas with head and neck injuries.

A co-owner of Skydive Dallas who was on the scene says the man is an experienced diver and has completed several training classes and made six successful jumps. Authorities believe the man blacked out moments before he landed. His chute was already open, but he had not pulled the landing cords.

The injured skydiver's name has not been released. Investigators checked his equipment for malfunctions, but found none.