Hot check roundup

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. -- Authorities in Grayson, Bryan, and Atoka Counties were out in full force on Monday morning for the hot check roundup, and for many it was a rude awakening.

Around 5:30 on Monday morning, the Grayson County District Attorney's Office, with the help of local authorities, began arresting those with outstanding felony warrants for hot checks.

While almost of all of them went without incident, officials say this roundup still isn't over.

"Go to the website. If you're name is on there you need to contact the office, because you need to work something out. If you don't work something out, we'll work it out for you by taking you to the Grayson County Jail," said B.A. Mitchell, Grayson County D.A. investigator.

There are more than 100 warrants for Grayson County alone, and authorities will be out all week.

You can see that list at

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