School supply drive for Denison students

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DENISON -- It's a week before kids head back to school, and a local business is pitching in to make sure kids get the supplies they need.

The ninth annual school drive sponsored by Knight Family Chiropractic runs through the end of August.

The family practice offers free visits with a $39 donation. That money pays a child's supplies for the year.

Over half of Denison kids are on free or reduced lunches. This is just one more way the school can get them the things they need.

Dr. Ryan Knight at Knight Family Chiropractic says, "Everyone can remember the excitement of the first day of school, and I can't imagine kids showing up without supplies. I know that disappointment happens when you see everyone excited for the first day of school."

Denison schools start back on August 27th.

If you would like to make a donation stop by or call Knight Family Chiropractic at 3230 S. Eisenhower Parkway in Denison or call them at 903-465-1881.

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