Convicted Child Molester Caught After Escape

8-12-04 – After a 20 hour manhunt, a convicted child molester is back behind bars. Lamar County deputies arrested Clifton Everett Byus Wednesday night. He is a fugitive from Arizona and Oklahoma. Authorities say Byus violated parole by leaving Maricoba County, Arizona and moving to Choctaw County, Oklahoma.

Deputies in Choctaw County arrested the man three weeks ago, but he was able to escape from a patrol car. Authorities searched for the man for 20 hours but were not able to find him.

This week, police tracked Byus down in Paris, Texas where he had been living since his escape from the patrol car. Authorities say he lived across the street from a Paris school for three weeks.

He was finally arrested at around 10:30pm Wednesday. He will face several charges stemming from his parole violation in Arizona and his escape in Choctaw County. He will also be charged with failing to register as a sex offender in Lamar County.