Gas prices spike up again in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- In Ardmore, gas prices are always on the see-saw, and on Friday those prices were back up. Motorists around town are wondering what caused the sudden jump.

The fluctuation of prices continues in Ardmore as several area stations shot up by at least ten cents between Thursday and Friday. Fuel experts say it’s not because of Labor Day weekend, but that it’s what’s brewing down south that’s causing the jump in prices.

Experts from AAA it’s the threat of Hurricane Dean that has caused the sudden jump at area pumps. Ever since Hurricanes Rita and Katrina, oil companies that supply fuel to Oklahoma from the Gulf Of Mexico are raising prices just in case there’s a disruption in production.

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Regular unleaded was going for $2.68 a gallon as of Friday morning. Several stations are selling at $2.78 per gallon, but there are a few stations in the area selling under $2.70, such as Flying J for $2.67, Valero on Commerce for $2.68, and Loves for $2.69.

One AAA representative said, “They will have to come back down. That’s why competition is so important. It’s part of the three-legged stool: the supply, demand, and competition that helps set those prices."

Fuel experts say if prices were to drop in the area, it is up to the consumer. If motorists decide to fill up at stations selling gas cheaper that will force higher prices to drop.

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