Wilson 'arsonist' a volunteer firefighter

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CARTER COUNTY, Okla. – Authorities in Carter County say they have arrested three men for setting several fires in and around Wilson, Oklahoma.

Deputies from the Carter County Sheriff’s Office worked with Wilson Police to solve the case and came up with a shocking suspect.

Since July, authorities say three men have burglarized and set fire to several old buildings throughout Carter County and the city of Wilson. But there's a twist- authorities say one of the accused, Dillon Vernon, helped put out some of those fires he set.

He was a Wilson volunteer firefighter.

Officials say the motive was pure entertainment.

Several buildings that were torched during the crime spree were abandoned, and thankfully no one was hurt.

Investigators say the most disturbing part of these crimes was Vernon’s role, which was setting the fires, and then helping fellow firefighters put them out.

"We know that the firefighter did himself did respond to several of the arsons and assist in putting fires out," said Wilson police Chief Felix Hernandez.

Hernandez also says he is extremely disappointed in Vernon and that he never would have expected a volunteer firefighter to be involved such crimes.

"I was surprised and shocked. Dillon had never given us any problems. When we started developing leads with the sheriff’s office, I was surprised."

Now the men sit in the Carter County Jail facing arson and burglary charges.

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