Sherman teachers moving in to new elementary

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SHERMAN -- Construction is almost complete on Sherman’s newest elementary school, and on Friday, Neblett Elementary teachers got a first look at their classrooms.

For the past year constructions crews have been working hard to get Neblett Elementary up and running for the new school year, but before the children run through the halls the teachers must get accustomed to their new surroundings.

First grade teacher Leann Ramsey has been teaching for over twenty years and says Friday has been one of the most exciting days of her career.

"Everything being new and its exciting its like moving into a brand new home and we're all in this together all the teachers are doing this together and so that makes it neat for all of us to explore," said Ramsey.

And explore they did, walking through brand new hallways and into their new classrooms. It’s a big change from their old building, Washington Elementary, which has stood since the early 1900's.

"I’ts great to be back with the teachers, and its great to have our team back together and see them coming in. They're all really excited, so it’s nice to have them here," said Washington Elementary principal Sheryl Barnett.

Barnett and her staff are being relocated to Neblett Elementary for the 2007-2008 school year while renovations to Washington are made, and for the past three months their supplies have been boxed up and stored in the gym.

Now the teachers can take them out and display them in new offices.

"The teachers have been very positive and have been very pleased at what they see. They're getting a tour of the building today, and some guidance on what they need to do to get set up," said Sherman ISD superintendent Al Hambrick.

Teachers have replaced construction workers in the halls of Neblett Elementary and while the move has been stressful the teachers are just excited to get in these classrooms and teach the kids like they normally do.

“Whenever you move, it’s like moving a home. It’s a little stressful, but the excitement really overrides that," added hambrick.

Starting this weekend, the teachers can begin moving their personal belongings in.

Neblett Elementary is scheduled to be officially dedicated next Friday at 3 p.m. in the cafeteria.

School starts August 27th.

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