Ardmore residents concerned about rehab house

ARDMORE - Some Ardmore residents said they are concerned about their neighborhood after they saw a Jackson County vehicle bring a man in shackles to stay at a drug and alcohol rehab house on their street.

The owner of the house said the man is harmless. But neighbors said they're not sure. They told KXII they have no problem with anyone who wants to turn over a new leaf, but when they saw a shackled man escorted to an alcohol and drug recovery house down the street, they were outraged.

"They have shackled prisoners coming into our neighborhood," one neighbor said.

Another resident said his children saw the same incident.

"He was in the yard and noticed the patrol car going by couple times saw the individual get out of the car in shackles."

According to the Oxford House website, there are four houses in Ardmore. Neighbors said they were not aware.

The landlord who rents the house to Oxford said neighbors have nothing to fear.

"That is an individual who was in prison only for substance abuse charge not in prison for any violent offense," he said.

Ardmore City Attorney Tim Pasley said neighbors would have to prove the occupants of the house are making the area unsafe before the city could take any action.

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