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ARDMORE, Okla. -- The public's outcry over the sentencing of two Ardmore men convicted of robbery has many saying the punishment doesn't fit the crime. On Monday, a judge handed down punishment to Andron Thompson and Larry White for robbing the Ardmore Grandy's restaurant that will leave them spending days, not years, in jail.

Authorities say back in June, Thompson and White entered Grandy's restaurant with a loaded weapon, tied up 5 people, including 4 young children, and robbed the restaurant

The punishment they received Monday from a Carter County Judge was 75 days in the county jail, probation, and community service.

Now many Ardmore residents say they are disappointed in the justice system and wonder what kind of precedent this judgment sets for criminals.

LARRY WHITE and Andron Thompson were considered star athletes, even role models to some, but on the night of June 29th, that all changed when authorities say they robbed the Ardmore Grandy's.

But does their sentence fit the crime?

Some state lawmakers and local citizens say no, and they feel the justice system has failed the public.

Representative Greg Piatt says these two young men could have had bright futures in football and basketball, and they still may. But he agrees with many locals in that getting off this easy is sending the wrong message to our youth.

"The DA did a great job. It’s your judicial system, it’s your judge, and people are contacting me and wanting to know why how can someone get 75 days for a crime with a gun," said Piatt.

"With these types of signals, people say ‘kids will be kids’....whatever. When a kid steps into an adults shoes, they should get a harsh and adult punishment."

Judge Thomas Walker handed down the punishment and would not comment on why he chose the sentence he did, but citizens we talked to say the punishment should fit the crime, and in this case, it doesn't.

Many doubt these two young men will learn any lesson at all.

"Do you think these guys feel that they did something terrible or do you think they will say, ‘Oh, Hell, do you remember last summer when we robbed that store and went to jail?" says Ardmore resident Ken Gooden.

Investigators say they don't know what the motive was behind the robbery.

Suspects convicted of armed robbery are often sentenced to prison time.

On Tuesday, we asked what you thought of the sentence. The results of that poll are posted at the bottom of this story alongside the pictures. You can still tell us what you think by participating in our webpoll question on this story.