Old Denison High School to be saved

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DENISON, Tex. -- Denison city council members voted Monday night to extend the life of the old Denison High School.

Dozens of supporters turned out early to hear that decision after weeks of waiting.

Council members voted unanimously to postpone demolition indefinitely, and created the opportunity for the Denison Historical Group to lease the old high school.

Prior to that decision, seven supporters pleaded their case about why their ultimate decision is a good one.

Supporters say they've raised $680,000 for restoration and say up to $2,000,000 has been promised, if those funds are needed.

It took city leaders more than an hour behind closed doors to come to their decision.

"We hope the city will give all the people hoping to save the building at least til the end to preserve the building and make it beautiful again," said David Bryant with the Denison Historical Group.

"We wanted to give the citizens and saving histoy denison opportunity to fufill their goal and dream of what they want to do with the building,"
said Denison Councilman Charles Pool.

Council members say they will expect the historical group to come up with a lease agreement by September 4th, the council is set to meet again then, and an agreement is expected to be presented.

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