String of business burglaries in Tishomingo

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TISHOMINGO, Okla. -- Business owners are cleaning up after thieves broke into at least nine offices Saturday night in the third and largest string of burglaries in Tishomingo over the past three years.

Now business owners are wondering how they can keep from becoming the next victims.

The only evidence of the break-in at Jones Bait and Pawn is a broken door, pried off locks, and fingerprint dust. In all, this is just one of the nine businesses that were burglarized on Saturday night.

With no arrests and the thieves still out on the streets, owners all over Tishomingo are hoping they won't become the next target.

"Even last night when I went home, I started to get in my pickup and drive back up here and check things out," says Mike Vandevier , owner of Park Realty.

Tishomingo Police say they won't comment on the burglaries until they have more details and a suspect description.

Ken Jones owns Jones Pawn. He lost around $1,000 in merchandise and suffered hundreds of dollars in damages. He says he wants to see the suspects caught and brought to justice.

Jones says this is the last thing he'd expect in their small town, and it's just another blow to already slow business.

"It’s gonna set me back a lot. We’ve already lost so much this year and now this. The economy is so bad here in Tish, and with gas prices, and it’s gonna set us way back," said Jones.

Vandevier stays optimistic but says he'll lock his doors with a little more caution from now on knowing another break-in could be right around the corner.

"The quicker we can get these guys off the street, the quicker we can go back to normal. It’s scary for our employees and customers. We’ve got to step back and say, ‘Hey, maybe we don’t live in Mayberry,’" says Vandevier.

Police say they do have a report of a dark SUV in the area of the burglaries, and they hope residents can shed some light on the case.

If you have any information, please contact the Tishomingo Police Department.

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