Pipeline meeting in Sherman

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SHERMAN -- A natural gas pipeline that would run through Grayson County has been in the planning stages for nearly a year. On Tuesday, Sherman leaders got a look at the timeline set for that pipeline's construction, as did concerned residents.

Gulf Crossing Pipeline representatives say they plan to start digging in the spring of 2008 on the line which will begin in Sherman and run all the way to Louisiana.

They say the compressor plant and lineup are set to be running by October, but not everyone is happy about the progress.

Many area residents are upset about the construction of the pipeline, especially people in Cherry Mound.

Gulf Crossing Pipeline representative Stephan Gonzalez says that's why the corporation has put together a bill of rights for property owners.

The document provides information about fair compensation, eminent domain, and company contact information.

He says area residents can expect to see those in their mail boxes mid-week.

"The Federal Judicial Commission will issue an environmental impact statement and hold public meetings to garner any public comments about the environmental effects of the project, and then, getting a certificate in the spring of 2008, we would begin construction," says Gonzalez.

Gulf Crossing Pipeline has filed the appropriate paperwork necessary to begin construction on the $1.3 billion project.

They expect to receive their certification from The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in April 2008.

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