Late for Class - Howe ISD Delays School Year

8-16-04 - School bells rang across Grayson County on Monday, but while most students were hitting the books - kids in the Howe school district will stay on summer break for an extra 2 weeks. It’s the second year in a row the HISD has started school late in order to revive a floundering budget.

Previous school administrations had left the accounting books in a mess. Starting school in the middle of August, before the new fiscal year began in September, would create more debt for the district, by lowering bond ratings and increasing interest rates. Starting later also saves the district about $5,000 in utility bills.

Because of the decision to start school late two years in a row, Howe has rebuilt their emergency fund to at least $500,000.

There will be a school board meeting Thursday night to vote on starting the fiscal year in July instead of September. That would allow Howe to begin school early, and save money at the same time.