Senator reacts to AG resignation

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DENISON, Tex. --A Republican senator reacts to the US Attorney General's resignation. Alberto Gonzales told the president this weekend he was calling it quits after a number of controversial moves in Washington. Emi FitzGerald spoke with Sen. John Cornyn about the decision.

Cornyn calls Gonzales the latest victim in a hyper-partisan atmosphere in Washington. The senator gave his reaction to the resignation during a visit Monday to Grayson County College. Cornyn toured the Center for Workplace Learning. Faculty members gave demonstrations in the technical lab showing motor controls and basic electric hydraulics and in the health sciences center...

Some local employees spoke in a session saying the centers teach them about conflict resolution in the workplace. Cornyn says is members of Congress could use a lesson in working out differences.

Gonzales resigned after coming under scrutiny when the White House fired eight US attorneys. He also initially supported wire-tapping without a court order and said only the most severe mistreatment of prisoners should be considered torture.

Cornyn says the controversy was more about partisan politics and less about the public interest.

"There's too much partisanship, too much politics, too much posturing and not enough attempt to work together in the best interest in the people of America," Cornyn (R-Texas) says.

Solicitor General Paul Clement will take over while the White House looks for a successor. Senator Cornyn said he's heard a few names thrown around, but wouldn't say anyone specifically. Once the president picks an appointment, Congress will vote on a nomination after a series of hearings.

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