Sherman woman honored

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SHERMAN -- A Sherman resident was honored Monday for saving a woman's life.

Representative Ralph Hall was supposed to present Teresa Early and the Grayson County Red Cross with the Presidential Certificate of Merit.

But Ms. Early was caught in traffic, and couldn't attend.

In March, Early was working at a local hair salon when she noticed a client was showing symptoms of diabetic shock.

She called 911, told the woman to eat a peppermint, drink some sugar water, and waited for EMS to show up--skills she learned in a Red Cross first aid class just three days before.

Representative Hall says he was glad to take part in the ceremony.

"It feels good to honor other people instead of having acrimonious on the floor of congress arguing with the president arguing with the congress this is where we're honoring someone who's done something great and we all agree on this," said Representative Hall.

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