"Less Tears More Years"

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POTTSBORO, Tex. -- Two months after two fatal car crashes, the community of Pottsboro is left stunned, saddened, and looking for a solution. Now concerned residents may be getting some help from Grayson County commissioners.

Signs line the streets of Pottsboro calling for "Less Tears More Years."

The local campaign began after two high school students were killed in car accidents within a month of each other.

Pottsboro Police Chief Brett Arterburn says, "Anything we would give is minimal to what they would give to spend one more minute with their child."

Pottsboro Police say they've responded to seventeen accidents over a span of six months.

Chief Arterburn says 40% of those were caused by high speed, late at night, and most of the drivers were under 21.

Many of the wrecks also happened on county roads, so now county commissioners are getting involved.

"Any extra help we can get from the state or the county to have more officers present will obviously reduce the speed of violators on the roads there for reducing the number of accidents."

Grayson County commissioner Jackie Crisp says at the commissioners meeting next Tuesday they will address beefing up law enforcement patrols on back roads.

Crisp says in order to enforce those speed limits more effectively, they'd need an extra patrolman, which would cost Grayson County roughly $100,000.

He says if approved by voters that money would come out of the general fund.

Arterburn says that may be the price tag of keeping kids safe on the roads, and while progress is being made, more needs to be done.

"I don’t want anybody killed on my county roads. If we save just one life, it's worth it," says Commissioner Crisp.

We'll bring you the outcome of the 'Less Tears More Years' meeting at the Georgetown Baptist Church in Pottsboro tonight on First News at Ten and on KXII.com.

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