Future of Ardmore's skate park

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- It’s been more than three years since the city of Ardmore started building what they hoped would be one of the biggest skate parks in the state.

But after two failed attempts at getting bidders, the city is now wondering if that dream will ever become reality.

Ardmore has tried several times to get bids from skate park manufacturers to build the skate park. So far, they've had two open bidding sessions for the $400,000 park.

On Friday they will try their hand again and hope the third time really is the charm.

This rendering of the Ardmore Skate Park has been a goal to some and dream for others. But parks director Kevin Boatright says he still has concern that bids may not come in.

After two failed attempts to find a bidder for the project, Boatright is reaching out to any potential park builders. He's even looking to companies as far away as Canada.

Even the community is getting involved trying to find bidders.

Damian Hoffield, owner of Tribal Bikes and Boards, says the skate park isn't just fun and games.

He's contacted several companies that work with skate park builders because he feels Ardmore could benefit from revenue the project would bring in.

Boatright says this is not something the city is putting on the back burner and they truly want this opportunity for Ardmore youth.

They just hope someone will come along and recognize their vision, helping them achieve their goal for Ardmore.

On Friday, the city has scheduled a special meeting and may announce potential bidders.

If a bidder is found the next step is signing a contract, which is also a long process.

But Boatright and Hoffield say they're optimistic and hope to see skaters enjoying the park by the end of next year.

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