Police Uniforms, Shotgun Stolen

8-21-04- His job is to protect citizens against crime, but this weekend, the Valley View police chief was a victim of it. Chief Jay Landry was in the middle of moving from his home in Gainesville when he noticed he was missing three police uniform shirts and a shotgun.

Gainesville police say they are watching this burglary closely and are worried someone might attempt to impersonate a police officer.

Saturday morning, Chief Landry noticed computer scanners, three uniform shirts and a 12 gauge shot gun missing from the apartment home behind his home on Culberson Street. Investigators believe the thieves broke in by removing an air conditioning unit from the apartment home.

Chief Landry says he also fears officer impersonation, but worries more about the theft of the shot gun. Stealing a police uniform is a misdemeanor, but using those uniforms to impersonate and officer is a felony.