Salvaging summer at the lake

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LAKE TEXOMA, Okla. -- Labor Day weekend is just a few days away, and for many the perfect getaway has been Lake Texoma with the family. The upcoming weekend is also a chance for businesses to try and recoup losses from earlier this summer.

Everywhere you look, there are reminders of summer flooding at Lake Texoma like broken electrical boxes, grills lying in the mud, and locked gates. Eighty percent of the Corps of Engineers campsites have remained closed and ruled unsanitary for campers.

A tour of a few of the 700 sites is a real eye-opener.

Senator Jay Paul Gumm says officials are now coordinating volunteers to help in the clean up efforts.

Durant Chamber of Commerce director Janet Reed says the city is seeing less then half the foot traffic it saw last year. She says for years the community has benefited from lake vacationers, and now officials need the community's help to bring them back.

For more information about how you can volunteer to take part in the clean up, check the link below.

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