75 animals seized from Leonard home

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LEONARD, TX-- 75 sick and emaciated animals were taken from a Fannin County property, Friday. Now four people are under arrest accused of animal cruelty.

Deputies arrested four individuals, at a home in Leonard, where emaciated and dead animals covered the property.

65 dogs and 10 cats were taken to the SPCA's facility in McKinney.

Deputies say it appears the individuals were staying in tents outside the home, because it was overrun with animal feces.

The location is believed to be the site of Vonda's Domestic Animal Rescue Emergency Shelter Services.

"It was a horrible situation for many of the animals," Maura Davies with the SPCA, said. "Many of the dogs had open sores, on various parts of their body. About half of the dogs were underweight. The cats were held in crates in the garage, small transport crates. And one cat was in a crate without food, water or a litter box."

Mike McCoy is a neighbor and said, "I know they had good intentions and they were just trying to rescue these animals, but they may have made the conditions worse for them."

Representatives from the SPCA say they also found several burn barrels throughout the property with piles of charred animal remains.

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