Check fraud in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- A large retailer in Ardmore has turned in several fraudulent checks to authorities, and police think they all came from one man they arrested two weeks ago.

We told you about Donovan Ray Heffron, 36, this week. (See story related story below)

Ardmore authorities believe he used 23 fake checks at the Wal-Mart in Ardmore. Wal-Mart turned in the bogus checks earlier this week.

Police are still investigating the value of all the checks written to the store.

Police say Heffron had stolen credit cards from a Dallas residence, then made the checks on his computer and went on a spree.

Investigators say Heffron used the checks at places as far away as Fort Worth and Dallas to Norman, Oklahoma. Authorities investigating believe there are other places in town that might have fallen victim.

Ardmore P.D. Lt. Eric Hamblin says, “People are calling us in town. We had 23 checks written here at the Ardmore Wal-Mart, also some checks done here at local banks and businesses in town."

Police are still investigating how many checks Heffron used.

After a large retailer has been hit, authorities are asking for anyone who may have fallen victim to come forward.

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