Counterfeit money warning

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SHERMAN, Tex. -- A local Goodwill is the latest victim of counterfeit bills. Police are warning resident not to be deceived. The money these criminals carry is tampered.

Thursday night a woman came into the Goodwill on Texoma Parkway and bought a pair of shoes, but the $100 bill she handed to the cashier turned out to be a five.

"On the water strip it says ‘100 USA’ and that’s the best way to detect it," says Sgt. Bruce Dawsey, with Sherman police.

Joann Wells, a cashier at the resale shop, says she didn’t expect to receive counterfeit money. She is on the lookout if it happens in the future.

"Most people come in are going to purchase something like that they are going to buy a small item give you the hundred dollars so they can keep the cash," Wells says.

Wells notified Sherman police right away. Police say this kind of counterfeit money continues to pop up around town...

Dawsey says the criminals take a $5 bill and take a $100 bill, and cut the counters off. They also make copies of it so people are looking at the numbers and not really the bill itself.

Assistant manager Laura Price says it's not the first time it's happened, but the store now has a special light to look closely at the bills. Counterfeit pens aren’t any help in detecting these bills because it really is a $5 bill.

If you see a fraudulent bill, contact Sherman police: (903) 892-7290

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