Labor Day Weekend on the Lake

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“The lake is back waters warm skies are perfect.” For businesses on Lake Texoma, this can only mean one thing; it’s going to be a great weekend.

The first day of Labor Day weekend has been a busy one for marina owner Bill Glasscock. The staff of Alberta Creek, hasn’t had much time to catch their breath after spending a good part of the week getting ready. Glasscock says all the hard work is paying off. “I think it will be a great weekend be like a good strong regular summer weekend.”

Caney Creek Marina is also showing strong signs. Owner George Wagner says all the rooms at his resort are fully booked. “It’s been very nice to have this on Labor Day weekend. We had a thirty percent increase in business."

Caney creek recently added a new restaurant which adds a jump start to the business as well as the local economy. “Were consistent on our hours our grocery store business has been booming. Caney Creek Cafe is open and has been doing well."

After a wet start to the summer, business owners say they're glad to serve their customers once again. “No one is wearing suit and ties. We’re just out here relaxing having fun, entertaining our customers, and their having fun."

"It’s really great. I’m glad to hear people laughing you hear them hooting and hollering all through the park it’s just great."

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