Glass found in groceries in Tishomingo

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TISHOMINGO - A Tishomingo woman said she found glass in a "Polar" brand fruit snack she bought from a Madill grocery store. Store managers said they're working to fix the problem.

Mickey Strelecki said she knew she was buying jars of fruit from the Madill Homeland grocery, but she said she didn't know what she was buying had glass in it, until her little brother found it.

"I was just looking for a midnight snack back there, watching a show and I tasted something odd," Matt Strelecki said.

"The next thing I know he turns around and says, 'This is a piece of glass in jar of fruit.' He was drinking the juice and found a piece of glass in his mouth," Mickey Strelecki said.

She said she told the manager of the Homeland store. The manger told KXII the rest of the "Polar" brand fruit snacks in glass jars had been removed from their shelves.

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