Unique farewell for Texoma soldier

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DENISON - As the war in Iraq continues, many soldiers with Texoma ties are overseas fighting. KXII got a chance to take a look at a Texoma family who has a history of military tradition send off another one of their own in style.

"I thought it was just going to be a pool party-- that's what I expected," Trevor Matejowsky said.

But Matejowsky got a lot more than that. Famliy and friends, along with a helicopter and skydiveres all wished him farewell and good luck.

"We wanted to send him off in true American style," his father, Rodney Matejowsky said. "He's obvioulsy a hero to his family, but we're here with our friends, neighbors and everyone to show that we're here, 100% behind the troops."

Trevor Matejowsky is a member of the Marine Corps' first tank division, Charlie Company. His father says a distant family relative is captain Jesse Billingsley is the first man in Texas history who said the phrase, "Remember the Alamo." Trevor said his great grandfather fought during WWI, his grandfather during WWII, and his father fought in Vietnam, which prompted Trevor to join.

"My initial reaction was 'Don't do it son,' but whatever you do, I'll support," Rodney said. "He decided to do it and I'm 100% behind him."

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