Lake Texoma Labor Day report card

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LAKE TEXOMA--At Lake Texoma some businesses still lay dormant, in need of repairs. Others saw thousands of vacationers come through there doors. This Labor Day those businesses that managed to open were boosting spirits and revenue.

Visitors to Lake Texoma would see the differences are night and day. Highport Marina is closed to customers. Tanglewood was working overtime this weekend to keep up with all the business.

The hotel at Tanglewood resort rented over 250 rooms this weekend. Vacationers packed into the restaurant and hundreds of families launched their boats to enjoy the water.

"This place was packed it really was there was a lot of people here," says Shaun Nordlae, manager at Tanglewood.

Greg Lamay, a vacationer from Allen, came to Lake Texoma for some time away with his family. They rented a boat with some friends.

Nordlae says the crowds this holiday weekend were significant, but this weekend won't compensate for the money lost from the floods.

"You can't make up what we lost from July early August with the lake being close it's not possible to do that this certainly helps though," he says.

Grandpappy manager Jason Cottingham says while they did get hundreds of visitors, the restaurant is still closed until spring, with much needed repairs...

"We've gotten past the flood this obstacle and we're excited about doing different things that can improve the business as a whole we're ready for it," Cottingham says.

Businesses say the response today has been very positive and hope for more business next year, to help recover from this summer’s losses. Businesses want to stress this is not their last week end of the season. Tanglewood's hotel is open year round. Grandpappy marina expects to stay open as long as weather allows.

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