Visitors flock to Lake Murray

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LAKE MURRAY, Okla. --Turner Falls and Lake Murray are having a record holiday weekend. After heavy rain in June, many people thought there may not be a chance to enjoy at least one rain-free weekend. Now lake business owners are reporting some of the biggest profits ever and all of it on Labor Day weekend.

Two months ago Turner falls and Lake Murray flooded, sometimes shut down completely. Now Turner Falls manager Tom Graham is turning business away because he's still flooded, but now it's with park visitors.

"We got so busy and had to close the park because of overcrowding we instructed them we would be open today and most of them came right back out"

Graham says the best part about the Labor day weekend isn’t the money he’s finally bringing in, but the chance for campers to actually spend a full weekend under the sun.

"This is an indication that people want to come back,” Graham says. “They haven’t had a good summer season either."

"We have came out here ever since our daughter was little and she is seven now. We have had a blast every time but this year is just outrageous," says Frankie Lovejoy, a visitor to Lake Murray.

Lake Murray never saw a huge drop in revenue from the summer rain. They actually saw an increase because park visitors weren’t able to camp and boat at Lake Texoma and now they're having a record summer.

Labor Day is the new 4th of July for some business owners who weren't so lucky.

"With Texoma being closed this year and July we were busy but yesterday surpassed July so its been great."

Even though some records are being broken, park managers are planning other events in the coming weeks to help them turn a little more profit..

"We are gonna have it available. We have arts and crafts fair coming late September, early October and plan on having a big bike rally that weekend as well," says Bryan Davis, with Lake Murray marina.

Most of the business owners we spoke to say they are averaging about an 80 to 90 percent increase from a usual Labor Day.

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