New laws in Texas

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As of Monday, public school students in the Lone Star State are allowed to speak freely about religion while at school. It’s a historical move on the part of the Texas Congress.

In mid-August, Texas Governor Rick Perry signed House Bill 3679 that allows students free expression of religious viewpoints in public schools.

Governor Perry said that lives are better when freedoms are preserved.

He said this bill does that by allowing children to share faith as part of an educational dialogue.

Some other Texas laws taking effect this week include Katie’s Law, where people over 79 years old cannot apply online for renewing the driver's license. They will have go into the office for that, and people 85 and older must renew every two years instead of six years.

Also, a stricter sex offender law takes effect, which says sex offenders will now be identified with a street address and photograph. The public record in the past only included the offender's name and street name.

Also, new legislation states that drivers who speed more than 90 miles an hour can no longer take defensive driving to dismiss the ticket. The violation will not be reduced.

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