Letter from a soldier

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This morning on First News AM, Lisanne Anderson read a letter she received from a soldier overseas. It touched our hearts, and we hope it touches yours, too.

Here is the actual letter...

Hello Mrs. Anderson,

I am currently serving in the US Army over here in Baghdad, Iraq. I was wondering if at possible you could make the announcement on the news that US Troops really appreciate the support that America is giving to us over here. We don't always see how America really cares except when we come home and then you always think in the back of your mind do they really mean it or is just actions make you think they care. I am about to celebrate my 26th birthday over here. I was wondering if you couldn't tell the families that We are really making a difference over here and I am sure that it would mean a lot coming from soldier that is actually over here. If I could say on the news myself I would but I don't have the chance to say stuff like that. Thank you again to all in America .

God Bless You and Thank you for the prayers,
Cosechia D Lofton aka PFC Lofton of 4-9 CAV

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