Semi-Truck Lands in River

8-24-04 - A sleepy truck driver woke up in the waters of the Blue River Tuesday morning, after his tractor-trailer ran off US 69/75 north of Durant. Amazingly, the man survived the wreck and was even able to swim away.

Witnesses couldn’t believe what they saw – the entire length of the truck drove straight into the river – some 40 ft below the highway. The truck and trailer was partially submerged.

Troopers say the accident happened around ten in the morning, when the northbound truck drove into the median and right between the north and southbound bridges. They estimate the truck flew 90 ft in their before hitting the ground and vaulting into the river.

The driver, 34-year-old David Osbourn of Mesquite, swam out the window of his cab and to the shore. He was flown to a Dallas hospital after he told paramedics he could not feel his legs.

It will likely take days to get the semi-truck out of the river. O-Dot will have to build a road down to the river so a tow truck can pull it out.