Race for Cooke County Sheriff starts

GAINESVILLE - The election for Cooke County Sheriff may be over a year away, but the campaign is on. Both the current sheriff and a man who announced his candidacy earlier this week are running.

Ken Fogus has worked for the city of Corinth, Texas as a crime scene investigator, but now he wants to run for sheriff. He announced his candidacy earlier this week.

Fogus will challenge incumbent Sheriff Mike Compton for the position. Compton has been in office for close to a decade. He said he has enjoyed every minute of the job.

Compton said he would like to accomplish more if he is elected again, but so does Fogus. He said he would like to assign deputies to districts within the county, to ensure more safety for residents.

Compton said he disagrees because it would require back deputies to travel long distances.

The primary is in March 2008; election in November.

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