97-Year-Old Honored for Volunteerism

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SHERMAN, TX -- 97-year-old Vera Kennedy was honored Thursday as Texas' Outstanding Senior Volunteer for 2014.

"Everybody knows her, everybody loves her, if you ever need help, she's there," says fellow volunteer, Betty Sue Smith.

Vera has volunteered over 17,000 hours at Texoma Medical Center, easing the burdens of others.

"She kind of keeps us on track and all the information that we need to give out to the parents especially, that she does put together, that saves us nurses a lot more time so that we can go out and take care of our patients," says nurse, Anna Wilson.

Those who know Vera speak at length of her hard work and her humility. They say she has the heart of a servant.

They tell of her knack for showing up early, asking for more to do and always being dressed to the nines.

Rain or shine, Vera is there.

"On those very few days that she does not make it in because she's sick or has an appointment, we're always looking for her wondering where she's at because we know that she is always here, always here with a smile and always wanting to do more, so we just love her," says nurse, Anna Wilson.

Vera said she's honored to be recognized but she gets out of volunteering what she's put into it over the years.

"It made life easier for me, you know, and I have had some sad, sad times during this period, which this was a way of comfort, you know, to be able to get out and see other people," Vera Kennedy says.

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