Movin' to their own beat

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. -- You've heard the phrase, “learning can be fun.” Now a group of tiny tots are singing and moving to their own beat. It's the sound of music that gets these kids moving. While it's not Mozart or Beethoven, it is a musical tone that will not only inspire your child, but give you a sense of comfort, knowing you are spending quality enrichment time.

“Nothing better than seeing your kid having fun, not much restriction. You can see them having fun with music and absorbing it.”

It starts with a hum and slowly progresses into a beat. Within a few minutes these children are getting their first impression of music.

Heidi Scheibmeir is the instructor of Little Musicians at Grayson County College.

“There is a lot of research that shows there is a critical period of learning. Like there is for language, there is for music. And it's actually birth through 9 years old, and most people don't know that," says Scheibmeir.

It’s not just 'do re me' the children pick up on. ‘They start to match pitches, start tapping to the beat, keep a rhythm."

“Fun is our whole theme. Learning music through play. When they are small they are supposed to have fun. So it's all about on the floor with instruments and exposing them to great music.”

After all, from the lullaby to the rattle, music seems to be part of our lives from day one, and this group hits all the right notes.

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