School Lunch or Fire Hazard?

8-27-04 - Students at Sherman High School still aren’t sure when and how long their lunch break will be.

First News reported at the start of school that students would all eat during the same 50-minute period, as opposed to three shifts of 30 minutes from years before. The idea was to allow students time to attend meetings and tutoring sessions, but the result has been chaos at times, and concerns of fire and safety hazards.

The Sherman fire marshal inspected the situation this week, and found students trying to eat their lunch blocking exits, while others sat in hallways and even used microwaves to heat their lunches there.

Both the school and fire department have been working on solutions, like staggering lunch times, adding more tables and chairs to the cafeteria, and designating classrooms for students to eat in.

Meanwhile, some students have spoken out in favor of the current 50-minute break, even writing the Sherman city manager.

The fire chief says they should have a permanent solution by the middle of next week.