United Way kickoff

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. -- United Way kicked off their annual campaign ‘Hope, Help, and Celebrate’ in an effort to raise money for local non-profit organizations.

They held the first meeting on Thursday afternoon with many of the groups in attendance, along with local businesses that contribute to the cause every year.

Last year the organization managed to raise almost $1 million. The marketing manager says they're hoping to top the $1 million mark this year.

Minerva Paredes says, "We raised it 4% from last year. We had a successful campaign last year, but the need is still there, and more people need help and support. We've raised our goals so we can help out more agencies."

Representatives say all funds raised stay in Grayson County.

If you would like to help better the community by volunteering for the United Way, just call your local chapter.

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