Boat Explodes on Lake Texoma

8-28-04- Boaters near Grandpappy Point on Lake Texoma could not believe their eyes Saturday when a boat exploded near the gas dock and sent the skipper to the hospital with severe burns.

Witnesses say the man, who owns the boat and docks at the the Point, had just completed filling his boat up with gas when there was a loud explosion and sparks started coming from the boat. They say parts of the boat burst into flames and the man was trapped inside.

Bystanders yelled at the man to jump from the boat, then pulled him to shore. They say he was burned and parts of his clothing were still smoldering. He was taken to Texoma Medical Center for treatment.

The explosion scattered debris along the dock, but no one else in the area was injured.

An electrical shortage might have caused the explosion, but authorities are still investigating.