Howe joins "Less Tears More Years"

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HOWE, Tex. --Another Grayson County city has joined the fight for safer driving among teens. Police presented their case to the Howe city council to support 'Less tears, more years.' City officials voted unanimously in favor to back the program.

The resolution would expand ‘Less tears, more years’ into the city of Howe. Pottsboro parents and police started the organization after several traffic accidents involving teens happened along Grayson county roads.

Phil Johnson attended the meeting. His daughter was killed in a car accident in Pottsboro. Advocates for the cause say they plan to continue to expand awareness of the number of young victims being hurt in car accidents.

"We haven't had the fatalities but we have had the accidents, the crashes within our school district also,” said John Cherry, Howe police chief. “If we can get some of the laws changed, revamped, then we'll be saving our kids."

Cherry says the next step is getting citizens in Howe on board with the efforts. Pottsboro chief Brett Arterburn presented the program to the county commissioners, and hopes for state legislation.

He says right now the rules are too relaxed for teens to obtain their driver’s license. By Howe joining the organization he says it’s a positive step in the cooperative process.

"It's proof the awareness and care is there, we just have to make sure everybody's aware of what we're trying to do,” Arterburn said. “As soon as they've been made aware of it, they are on board because it's a win-win situation for everybody."

The organization hopes to grow to include more cities across Texas and Oklahoma.

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