Strict Dress Code - District Explains

9-1-04 - A Bonham mother says her son’s high school has gone too far in enforcing a stricter dress code – her son was arrested two days ago, and is still in jail.

Jeanette Marsh’s son is a freshman at Bonham High School, and in just 11 days of class, he’s been sent home or sent to suspension 8 times for violating the dress code. The final time, a dispute between her son and administrators led to his arrest for disruption of public school activities.

The final event came just a few days after the school inspected 200 students inside the school cafeteria, looking for baggy pants, shirts un-tucked and visible underwear.

Today, the school board president spoke with First News, and explained the need for a stricter dress code policy. Charles Butler says it’s not just an issue of disruptive clothing or bad behavior. Instead, he says it boils down to security. Life after the Columbine shootings mean that schools must closely watch baggy clothes and jackets – places where a student could hide weapons.

Butler also says that parents aren't seeing the same outfits that teachers are. Students will un-tuck shirts after leaving home, or pull their pants down low. The school says they warned parents that the tougher policies were on the way when they sent home a letter in July.

Some parents have started a petition and will present it to the school board on September 20th.