A Mother's Loss

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STUART, OK -- It is something parents do not even want to imagine. The permanent, life-changing pain of losing their child.

That became the reality for one Stuart, Oklahoma mother in December, when her son was murdered.

Nicolette Schleisman talked with her about how she is coping with the loss and how she wants her son to be remembered.

18-year-old ECU student, Generro Sanchez, was a young man with his whole life ahead of him.

His mother says her son had a bright outlook, a friendly personality, and a smile for everyone he met.
But sadly, his willingness to help others, may be one of the things that led to his death.

Now, his mother tells us how she's finding the strength to move on, through this tragedy.

"I'm very detached from every thing. It's hard getting back out there and living again. It's hard watching life go on. And you know it does. Just because your world has come to an end does not mean everyone else has," said Jeana West.

For two months, Jeana West has hoped to wake up from a nightmare, the murder of her son, Generro Sanchez.

The Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office says on December 6, he offered to give fellow student, Jerrod Murray, a ride to an area Walmart.

Instead, they say Jerrod Murray forced Generro Sanchez to pull over,shot and killed him, leaving his body in a ditch. Then turned himself in, not far from the scene.

"The pain is different from when it was a violent crime than what it would have been if they had been or even just a car accident. But to know that someone has violently taken your child, it's just very hard. Very," said Jeana.

She says she will never understand why her son was killed, and doubts she will ever feel a sense of closure. But her husband, Generro's step-father, is giving her the strength to keep going.

"He's held me while I have done nothing but go inside myself and be a shell. He has done everything that he can possibly do to let me know that no matter what I do, it's ok. Cause he's there and he's not ever going anywhere," said Jeana.

Billy West, says it is his wife, who is pulling the both of them through.

"That beautiful woman is definitely the strongest of either one of us," said Billy.

It is in this small town of Stuart Oklahoma where Jeana and Billy West say they have had the most support in dealing with their son's death.

"I give every credit. Every credit to the community of Stuart. They've called, they've come by. They have sent cards and some of them have donated money to help," said Billy.

Generro and his best friend, Tell Jordan, moved from Stuart to Ada together to attend ECU.

Tell says there is not a day he does not think about Generro, but refuses to give any more thought to his accused murderer.

Tell recently returned to class at the university.

"I just felt like by doing this I wasn't letting him win. Or something kind of like that. Showing him I can still function which isn't always exactly completely true, but I am back here. So," said Tell.

Tell often goes back to Stuart and stops to see Generro's family.

"Every time I'm over, if one of them is having a bad day, the other is a little closer to the other one and you can usually tell who's having the bad day cause the other one's doing everything to take care of the other one. So yeah they're actually very supportive," said Tell.

Even with all of the support Jeana and Billy receive. They say nothing will ever make them whole again.

"I do not think that you can ever accept something like this. You can begin to live with it in time. But accepting it? No there's no way," said Billy.

"No one could ever take his place. And no one will ever fill that void. Cause it's just gone," said Jeana.