A closer look: Cooke Co. officials examine issue of housing illegal immigrant children

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COOKE COUNTY, Texas -- News 12 took a closer look at why Cooke County commissioners recently took "no action" on a proposal regarding the surge of illegal unaccompanied minors crossing into the U.S.

Tens of thousands of them -- illegal immigrant children fleeing their home countries of Central America, arriving at the southern U.S. border.

Some of the children have been deported, but federal officials are looking to house many of them in America, including some Texas counties.

For Monday's Cooke County Commissioner's Court meeting, County Judge John Roane said he added a proposal to the agenda in regards to the funding for housing the immigrant children.

The resolution stated that Cooke County, if called upon by federal officials, will not be able to financially support the minors.

Roane didn't draft the proposal, he said. It was a pre-written resolution made available by the state of Texas for any county to use.

The proposal would show federal officials that Cooke County can house the children -- but only if it receives federal funding.

In a 4-1 vote, however, the commissioners took "no action" on the proposal. The only person in favor was Roane.

Commissioner Gary Hollowell was the first to motion for "no action."

"After reviewing the proposed resolution I thought that we were premature to take any action in Cooke County at this point in time," Hollowell said.

Roane said he was surprised by the commissioners' decisions, citing that many residents approached him concerned about the topic.

"It's nothing that we have money in reserve for, nothing that we prepared for," Roane said.

However, Hollowell disagreed that it was a monetary issue.

"For someone to say that the county could or could not afford something..would not necessarily be accurate," Hollowell said.

Hollowell also said he doesn't feel comfortable making a a decision on the behalf of citizens at this time.

It's unclear if the commissioners will discuss this issue again in the future, but Roane made it clear that he won't be the one bringing it up.