Abbott promises to keep Texas economy exceptional

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (File)
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AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott says Texas' booming economy is the nation's strongest and it'll remain that way if he's elected governor.

Addressing the Texas Association of Realtors on Thursday, Abbott said the state leads America in job growth over the past 10 years, since the end of the national recession or any way "you slice and dice the numbers."

He added: "The truth is, Texas is exceptional and I'm running for governor to keep it that way."

Abbott promised to keep the federal government from overburdening Texas businesses and suggested trade unions bankrupted Detroit.

He didn't mention Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis of Fort Worth who launched her gubernatorial campaign last week.

Abbott remains the race's decided front-runner since no Democrat has won statewide office in Texas since 1994.

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