Achille Police Officer put on administrative leave pending investigation

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ACHILLE, OK -- Pending an investigation an Achille Police Officer has been placed on administrative leave after allegedly drawing his firearm on an elderly woman during a traffic stop.

Police Chief Chasity Barkley says an officer tried to pull over a driver for speeding with lights and sirens activated. Police say the driver continued northbound on 78 for about a mile before stopping in a private driveway. When the officer went to approach the vehicle police say it backed into the patrol car. Barkley says the officer then drew his firearm and ordered commands at the driver. She says when the officer identified the driver as an elderly woman he immediately holstered his service weapon and de-escalated the use of force. The 79-year-old woman said she did not see the officer behind her.

Police say the woman refused medical treatment at the scene, but the woman's daughter tells us her mother was so shaken up they took her to the hospital.

Achille Police and OHP are investigating the incident.