Ada bar gets beer license revoked

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ADA, OK - Outlaw's Saloon near Ada is shut down temporarily after a judge revoked the bar's permit to sell beer.

Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian said his deputies repeatedly get called out to the bar for underage drinkers. The initial investigation into Outlaw's began in July, but Christian said a recent hit and run that happened in the parking lot and left one man in critical condition was the final straw.

23-year-old Josh Stein is still fighting for his life at OU Medical Center.

His grandmother Nellie Hunter said they have a glimmer of hope after Stein recently opened his eyes for the first time.

"We all thought that was wonderful because that shows us he is still inside," Hunter said.

In October, Stein was run over by a Ford F-350 pickup outside Outlaw's Saloon.

19-year-old Rowdy Wright was later charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill in connection with the hit and run.

This is not the first incident to take place at Outlaw's.

"We've had multiple calls out there over even just the last year, reports of underage drinkers," Christian said.

Now the bar is closed after a judge recently revoked the beer license from Outlaw's owner Todd Collard.

"Mr. Todd Collard is not allowed for one year to have a beer license," Christian said. "Someone else could come into that facility as long as they are not associated with him in any manner and they could come into that facility and re-open it."

Hunter said she's always thought the bar was trouble and hopes it will be shut down for good.

"It should have been shut down a long time ago," Hunter said. "It was Legends then they closed it down and then it was Outlaw's and they closed it down. All the do is just re-open it up under a different name."

Collard could not be reached for comment. The District Attorney's Office said at this time he does not face any criminal charges.

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