Ada couple arrested for alleged child abuse to infants

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ADA, OK -- 20-year-old, David Stewart, and 23-year-old, Cassie Stewart were arrested Tuesday after authorities learned that their two infant twin boys had suffered multiple bone fractures.

According to the affidavit, David, the children's stepfather, was watching the boys, and claimed one of the infants had fallen off a swing, but doctors at OU Medical Center noted the injuries were non-accidental, and a fall wouldn't have caused these severe injuries.

Neighbor, Samantha Self, says she's shocked.

"It's scary. My daughter used to go down there and play with the kids, and just to think that somebody could let that happen to their child...makes you wonder what could happen to yours while they're in their care," Self said.

According to the affidavit, one infant was admitted to Mercy Hospital in Ada, but later transferred to OU Medical Center for a higher level of care.

The 4-month-old had suffered retinal hemorrhaging and 13 rib fractures. The infant's twin brother was examined, and authorities learned he had suffered 21 rib fractures.

Neighbor, Jeanette Treamaine-Ruston, says she's glad to see action being taken.

"It's about time somebody did something about it, and followed through and protected and gave a voice to a little person that doesn't have one otherwise," Ruston said.

Self says she always saw the children playing, and never had a suspicion anything was wrong.

"I feel sorry for the children, because you know a parent is supposed to love and care for them, not allegedly abuse them," Self said.

The couple remains behind bars in the Pontotoc County Justice Center.

Bond has been set at $500,000 for Cassie, the twins' mother.
David is being held without bond.
The District Attorney's office has not yet said what charges the couple will face.

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